An art collective that aims to explore the relationship between man and machine

Shows / Exhibitions

APUFF Lima 2014 (Valeria Ghezzi / Christian Bernuy / Lupo Montero / Jon Irigoyen / Sergio Ghezzi / Polo Pflucker / Luisanna Gonzales)

18 mar - 23 mar 2014
3pm - 8:30pm

NNM Studio. Av. Arequipa 3750, San Isidro, Lima. View map
La Casa Rosada. Jr. Santa Rosa 348, Barranco, Lima. View map

La Magnitud de lo Pequeño (Valeria Ghezzi / Lupo Montero)

30 sept - 6 oct 2013
mon - fri: 10am - 9pm
sat - sun: 11am - 8pm

Opening: Thu 3 Oct 2013 19:30h
ALL87, Ponzano 87, Madrid. View map


MONONO is an art collective that brings together artists from different disciplines with a common goal: to explore the relationship between man and machine.

Inevitably, machines become a topic of interest as they represent the living relationship between "us" and "things". Machines, initially inanimated objects, become alive through interaction with life, us.

This exploration is driven by a fascination for random interactions and self-discovery through apparently accidental and unexpected synchronicity in our environment and the objects within it.